A transparent monthly fee for your rental website

At the start of the coöperation, you’ll make a one-off investment into your website, which we will then shape to your liking. This can be done within two weeks. After this, you pay a monthly license fee, so we can continue to further develop Flean. The fewer accommodations you have, the lower your costs will be. Regardless of that, it will be cheaper than the margin you pay via large booking platforms.

But there are other benefits. With Flean, you get access to years of experience in the recreational sector. An enthusiastic team of rental experts, developers and marketeers. Smart innovations that will bring you extra online bookings. That way, the funds that you put into Flean will be earned back quickly. What those costs are? We’ll calculate it for you, without any obligations.


The two Flean packages

Flean rental website

Everything you need for a rental website that will earn more bookings.

  • Expansive search and book functionality
  • Manage your own site, own domain name
  • Live within two weeks
  • Expansive onboarding and explanation
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Flean rental website + marketing

If you’re looking for a partner that takes care of everything for you, then this package is fit for you.

  • All the features of the Flean rental website
  • Strategic marketing advice and tactical planning
  • Operational marketing, like Facebook (ads), AdWords, e-mailmarketing and conversion rate optimization
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This is how Flean gives you a flying start

Making and managing websites often costs a lot of organisations way too much money. There’s a way to do that better. With Flean, your business gets the perfect website for a fair price.

At the start, we’ll set up the website for you within two weeks. We’ll consult you on how you want it done, and we’ll base the website on this. After this, you can use our accessible tools to easily add details about your accommodations yourself. Your site in your hands.

As soon as your website is live, our marketeers can support you to lead as many visitors to your website as possible. Our experts have over 15 years of experience in the online rental sector. They make sure that your website is findable, and if you need any further advice they are here to help you out.

Twee screenshots van een Flean website, als voorbeeld. De eerste screenshot toont een homepage met zoekfunctie. De tweede screenshot toont een pagina over een accommodatie, met een foto van de accommodatie.
Prijzen illustratie


With Flean, you’ll have a professional, expansive website ready to go within a few weeks. No ridiculously high development costs or long wait times. We’ll set up the site for you, you fill it with content exactly the way you want it, and we’ll make sure that your site is not only live, but also that it performs well.

Since I’ve started using a Flean website, I’m noticing improvement. The online traffic on my website has tripled. Flean thinks along with us and carries the platform to a higher level.
Een portretfoto van Michel Aaldering, de directeur VVV Terschelling. De foto is is vanaf de schouders genomen. Michel staat tegen een achtergrond van een bewolkte lucht en glimlacht in de camera.
Michel Aaldering - Manager VVV Terschelling

Frequently asked questions about Flean

Do I need my own programmers to manage the website?

No. The Flean tools are accessible and user friendly, so you can easily manage your website yourself. We’ve already done all of the programming work for you. If you can use a mouse, you can use Flean :)

Do I have to do the online marketing myself?

Yes. However, Flean streamlines the process to make it as easy and intuïtive as possible. Nobody knows your target audience better than you, but Flean would love to offer you a hand.

In Flean, you can bring your various marketing platforms like Google Ads and Facebook together and view them in a singular overview. This way, you can manage your campaigns in one place and focus on your message. Flean also has built-in support for smart landing pages, SEO and more, so you don’t have to worry about that.

How is Flean better than a tailor-made website?

Flean gives you a website completely dedicated to recreation. Flean’s websites are built by experts with nine years of experience in websites for recreation. They are directly based on the surfing behaviour of customers, and they have been thoroughly tested to make them as user friendly as possible.

In addition, Flean offers you many additional tools, like integrations with the largest reservation systems, built-in online marketing tools and continuous updates for an even better user experience. With Flean, you’ve got an all-in-one package to manage your site and make it as effective as possible.

What’s the delivery time of a rental website?

When you decide to start using Flean, we’ll prepare your website to your wishes. This can take as little as two weeks. After this, your website and all Flean tools are yours, and you’re free to shape the website exactly the way you want to.

What are the monthly costs?

When you start using Flean, you make a one-off investment for the creation of the website, which we’ll prepare for you. After this, you’ll pay monthly license fees so we can continue to improve and strengthen Flean. The exact monthly costs depend on how many accommodations and activities you want to offer.

We can guarantee one thing: you’ll be paying less than the margins you’re paying at large booking platforms. With the advanced tools, optimized website and the experience of our experts, you’ll also earn these costs back quickly. Interested? We’ll gladly calculate your monthly costs for you, without any obligations.

Will I get an explanation of how the system works?

Of course! In a one-on-one session we’ll explain to you exactly how you can optimally use Flean. We can do this on location with you, in our office or online via a video call. In addition, you’ll get access to an expansive manual in which everything is explained.

Are you still getting stuck after this? Then you can always give us a call or send us an email. We’d be glad to help you out. We’re not happy until you are!

Can I get a demo?

Of course! We’d be happy to show Flean to you sometime - of course without any obligations. Send us a message and we’ll contact you.

Bert Pezij, Managing Partner bij Flean

Bert Pezij, Managing Partner bij Flean

Get a personal demo, with no obligation

Curious what Flean can do for you? We’d be happy to show you in an obligation-free demo. Over the course of an hour we’ll walk you through all the possibilities, and of course you can ask any questions you may have.

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